Success stories from happy clients

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“She’s a VERY creative problem solver. You will not believe how many approaches and solutions she will have for you.”

— Kelly and Tiffany

Ollie, Maxwell, Chloe & Foster

“I have complete confidence in myself and my cats now that I’m armed with her plan and, more importantly, have her continued support. She’s invested in the well-being of my family and I can’t thank her enough for that!”

— LeeAnna Buis


“I cannot say enough nice things about the Paws-On Training I received from Marci. This is someone who truly cares about what they do.”

— David Kaulitz


“I am enjoying being a cat parent again! If you are at your wits ends with your cat and are thinking of contacting Dr. Marci, DO IT! It was hands down the best thing I’ve spent money on in years; or maybe ever.”

— Joanna and Sahara


“Marci’s behavior program for us and her many suggestions have been monumentally helpful. Both myself and Boobie are closely adhering to her program with positive results! We learned a lot from her.”

— Lauris Halladay