Success stories from happy clients

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Sadie - Testimonial


“Marciโ€™s approach was unlike anything I had seen or even heard of before, and I am so delighted with the outcome! Sadie is a regular part of the family now, and we anticipate many years of mutual enjoyment and love.”

— Sallie Rediske


“We started applying a lot of things only five days after we found Marciโ€™s website and it worked really well starting from the first day!”

— Anne, Rudolph, Marga, Lasse & of course Rudi

Ollie, Maxwell, Chloe & Foster

“I have complete confidence in myself and my cats now that I’m armed with her plan and, more importantly, have her continued support. She’s invested in the well-being of my family and I can’t thank her enough for that!”

— LeeAnna Buis


“I am enjoying being a cat parent again! If you are at your wits ends with your cat and are thinking of contacting Dr. Marci, DO IT! It was hands down the best thing I’ve spent money on in years; or maybe ever.”

— Joanna and Sahara


“I can’t say enough good things about Marci and Feline Behavior Solutions!!! I finally have the cat I’ve wanted and knew he could be…now I can only imagine how much more love he and I will share for the rest of his life with me.”

— Sabrina Sanders