Success stories from happy clients

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Snowy et al

Snowy, Purrlion, Boots and Suntwo

“She came to our house and was able to assess and offer many solution approaches which has fixed ALL of the issues!!! The solutions were not expensive or very time/labor intensive either. Simple solutions! She is amazing at what she does!”

— Bernadette Silva


“I cannot say enough nice things about the Paws-On Training I received from Marci. This is someone who truly cares about what they do.”

— David Kaulitz


“Thankfully, we found Marci. From the start, it was clear that she has a depth and breadth of knowledge that informs her thoughtful observations.”

— Elizabeth and Ben K.


“I am enjoying being a cat parent again! If you are at your wits ends with your cat and are thinking of contacting Dr. Marci, DO IT! It was hands down the best thing I’ve spent money on in years; or maybe ever.”

— Joanna and Sahara
Malindi and Zaya

Malindi & Zaya

“Marci was thoughtful, personable and attentive to our girls and our situation…We are glad to have found Marci and are happy for the help she provided to us!”

— Maria and Benjamin