Success stories from happy clients

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Bucky, Evan, & Lily

Dr. Marci and LeeAnna were both incredible! As soon as we contacted Feline Behavior Solutions, they reached out to get our information and gave us some initial tools to try to settle things in our home as we waited for our Zoom appointment. These ideas helped us reduce the severity of the behavior problems while we waited to meet with Dr. Marci. During our intake, Dr. Marci and LeeAnna were thorough, nonjudgmental, and incredibly helpful. — Jordan Westcott

Augie & Pasha

The best money you’ll ever spend to bring feline harmony into your home! — Laurie Arnold

Shelley & Maxie

“We sent Marci an SOS, and she was wonderfully responsive. Marci took a careful history, visited with the cats, provided us with a detailed plan about how to turn things around, and followed up multiple times to check on their progress.”

— Sharon and Scott Winkler

Ollie, Maxwell, Chloe & Foster

“I have complete confidence in myself and my cats now that I’m armed with her plan and, more importantly, have her continued support. She’s invested in the well-being of my family and I can’t thank her enough for that!”

— LeeAnna Buis
Debra's Kitties

Onyx, Rani & Sona

“Marci showed patience, compassion and insight during her visit and in all our communications during the month. In her work she manifests a deep love and respect for cats, together with extensive knowledge of, and expertise in, feline behavior. She brings both intellect and heart to all she does for our furry friends and their humans. She has my highest recommendation.”

— Debra Stephens


“Marci isn’t magic; she simply understands cats and people.”

— Cynthia Cyger