Success stories from happy clients

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“Thanks Marci, for all you’ve done for us and for Tom, we’ve learned a lot over the past two months and we know he’s only going to get better.”

— Tiara and Walter Perdue

Spice Girl

“After five days, she only exhibited approved behavior – no further reminders from me than those two first times… I can’t send you enough thanks, Marci!”

— Yvonne Hicks
Sadie - Testimonial


“Marci’s approach was unlike anything I had seen or even heard of before, and I am so delighted with the outcome! Sadie is a regular part of the family now, and we anticipate many years of mutual enjoyment and love.”

— Sallie Rediske


“She’s a VERY creative problem solver. You will not believe how many approaches and solutions she will have for you.”

— Kelly and Tiffany


“Thankfully, we found Marci. From the start, it was clear that she has a depth and breadth of knowledge that informs her thoughtful observations.”

— Elizabeth and Ben K.