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Outdoor Catios for Enrichment and Entertainment

Catios have been all the rage lately, and if you’re not thinking about building one for your indoor kitty, she might be missing out on a great opportunity for enrichment and entertainment! And because catios are easy to build, come in many sizes and price ranges, and are completely customizeable, there’s probably a catio out there that will suit both you and your cat purrfectly.

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How to Live With Cat Allergies

Funny story. I live with 5 cats, volunteer regularly with a no-kill cats-only rescue organization, and am a cat behaviorist. So, I come into close contact with a lot of cats on a consistent basis. And guess what…I’m allergic to cats! Oh, the irony of life sometimes! I wasn’t always this way, but as we age, our immune system changes and sometimes people find themselves with allergies that they never had before. In my case, I met my husband. Not that he’s entirely to blame, but I had a perfectly reasonable number of two cats when I met him, and he had three cats. After about a year of living in the same house with five cats, I realized that (while I had never had allergies before), my “seasonal” allergies (that I assumed were the result of me moving to the Pacific Northwest) just weren’t going away. I joked that I was probably allergic to cats.

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Trimming Claws for Gentle Paws

Are you up to snuff on your cat’s nail-trimming needs? I hope that after reading today’s post, you’ll have the confidence to trim your cat’s claws without fear of retribution from your kitty, because I’m going to share with you some expert advice. Literally, expert advice, since I met up with Laura Cochrane, DVM, a.k.a. Dr. Kind Klaws, at Purrington’s Cat Lounge in Portland, Oregon, just last week. Purrington’s is a magical place where adoptable cats frolic beneath David Bowie-inspired murals while you sip on coffee or Meowmosas, basking in their adorable antics. The Cat Adoption Team has partnered with Purrington’s to supply cats to the lounge and at this time over 50 cats have been adopted! Dr. Cochrane was at Purrington’s to demonstrate proper claw-trimming techniques, and also show us how to apply Soft Paws.

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Playing with Your Cat for Health and Happiness

Wait a minute, aren’t my cats supposed to entertain ME? Well, yes…that’s one of the reasons that many of us bring cats into our lives. However, we also love cats for many other reasons, including their cattitude in general. And a cat who is well-entertained is a cat who exhibits all the positive aspects of cattitude: she’s confident, well-adjusted, affectionate (in her own way), and alert. By providing her with the right kinds of entertainment, you’ll be giving your cat the gifts of mental, emotional and physical health that can lead to longevity and happiness. And when your cat is happy, YOU should be thrilled!

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7 Ways to Be Your Cat’s Valentine

Valentines Day is just around the corner, I’m sure you’re nibbling your fingernails wondering what you are going to do to show your furry family members just how much you love them. Well, never fear, because I’ve got you covered! And as an added treat, most of my suggestions don’t involve spending a bundle of money to buy the trendiest new cat bed or Apple’s next version of the iPee litterbox (someone please tell me this will exist some day!). In fact, these are things that you can do or try any time of year because they are good for your cats…you can be your cat’s Valentine any time.

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Does Your Cat Need an Extreme Litterbox Setup Makeover?

As too many of us know, once your cat discovers that there’s some place more desirable than her litterbox to pee or poop (due to whatever stress or environmental factor is causing a problem), it may take more than simple steps to resolve the issue. In fact, not using the litterbox properly is the leading reason why people surrender their cats to shelters, or abandon them in some other way. So, what I want to do with this article is not simply add to the heaps of information that are already out there, but: 1) simply and concisely share with you what I’ve found that works for a litterbox setup, and 2) help you avoid litterbox issues before they start.

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Cat Introductions 101: It’s All About Patience!

Recently, a friend of mine asked me about getting a new cat and how difficult it would be to integrate it into her family that has an existing kitty. A lot of people expect cat introductions to be “difficult” – after all, cats tend to be solitary creatures, possessive of their territory and resources, right? Not always! Think about it – feral cats often live in colonies, in a combined effort to exploit food resources, protect their members, and even communally raise kittens. So shouldn’t our domestic kitties be able to get along together, living in peace within a family? Yes! They can, and they do.

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The Secret to Cat Longevity!

We know a lot more about our furry friends now than we did even a decade ago, and cats are living longer than ever with advances in health care, diet, and behavioral research. But with all of this information, what are the most important things you can do that can keep your cat healthy, happy, and destined for a long life? Here are my top five tips for increasing cat longevity.

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