Is your cat's behavior bringing you down?

Don't worry - Dr. Marci is here to help!

A 30-day Full-Service Consultation with Dr. Marci will help you resolve more complex issues that may need some creative problem-solving. If you've tried several things, done some research on your own, and haven't gotten results, Dr. Marci is available to help you identify why your cat is behaving a certain way and give you actionable tasks directed at changing your cat's behavior.

Some issues that may require a 30-day distance consultation


eliminating outside of the litter box and/or urine-spraying

Unwanted Behaviors

scratching furniture, counter-surfing, over-grooming, boredom, etc.

Multiple Pets

Attack the dog then pretend like nothing happened

Socialization and fearful behavior

I hate humans they are so annoying i like big cats and i can not lie so dream about hunting birds.

Inter-cat relationships

Slap kitten brother with paw have secret plans play time.

A Combination of These Issues

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Here's What's Included

The magic of interactive video applications (like zoom) means that you can work with Dr. Marci from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Dr. Marci will look at your home and your cat's environment to help you figure out what's going on and determine how to resolve the problem!

In Depth Behavior Assessment

A detailed questionnaire that will provide Dr. Marci with information about your cat's background, environment, and behavior

2 Hour Initial Visit

A video or *in-home meeting that lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours

Behavior Plan Summary

A behavior plan summary developed specifically for your situation

Customized List of Resources

Don't waste your time and money - get the items Dr. Marci says to get.

Check-in Phone Call

To make sure that things are moving in the right direction

Email Follow-up

30 days of email support from Dr. Marci should you have questions or run into any troubles



You'll learn so much by working with Dr. Marci during your 30-day consultation. The package costs $375, but you'll find that's an incredible value for what you ultimately receive: a deeper understanding of your cat, and a renewed outlook on the relationship you have with your feline family member.

What if my cat's behavior issue doesn't get fixed in 30 days?!?!?!

Don't Worry! Dr. Marci has your back! you can choose to extend, now or at a later time - even after your 30 days - you can buy an extension if you feel like you need a tune-up.

Purchase Options

Additionally, if you decide that you need more time, you can extend your consultation in 30-day increments (which includes 30 additional days of email support and another phone call) for only $75. The extensions don't even need to be contiguous with your original 30-day consultation, so you can relax and work at a pace that both you and your cat are comfortable with.

30 Day Package - Virtual

$ 375 Virtual
  • 30 day consult period
  • 1 check-in phone call*

30 Day Package - In Home

$ 450 In Home
  • Only in Portland Metro Area**
  • 30 day consult period
  • 1 check-in phone call*

60 Day Premium Package - Virtual

$ 525 Virtual
  • 60 day consult period
  • 2 check-In phone calls*
  • 1 follow-up phone call any time AFTER the consutation period ends*

60 Day Premium Package - In Home

$ 650 In home
  • Only in Portland Metro Area**
  • 60 day consult period
  • 2 check-In phone calls
  • 1 phone call any time AFTER the consutation period ends