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Bucky, Evan, & Lily

Dr. Marci and LeeAnna were both incredible! As soon as we contacted Feline Behavior Solutions, they reached out to get our information and gave us some initial tools to try to settle things in our home as we waited for our Zoom appointment. These ideas helped us reduce the severity of the behavior problems while we waited to meet with Dr. Marci. During our intake, Dr. Marci and LeeAnna were thorough, nonjudgmental, and incredibly helpful. — Jordan Westcott


Marci is one of the sweetest people and she really cares about your pet and you! She has such a wealth of knowledge and is so positive and ready to help you solve your problems. House soiling is a really difficult problem and I thought I had tried everything but Marci came up with some great solutions that broke Minnie’s years-long issue with house soiling and we are so grateful! — Emilia Perez

Augie & Pasha

The best money you’ll ever spend to bring feline harmony into your home! — Laurie Arnold

Peach and Chubby

Dr. Marci is so positive with all her suggestions. We actually had fun implementing all of the changes she had us try and have seen huge steps towards resolving every issue we had. Our only regret is not finding her sooner! — Kristen Herndon


LeeAnna is amazing! She gave us practical suggestions on how to best help our kitty. She recommended a heated cat bed, a bigger litter box with a shallow entry, night lights to help him navigate his surroundings. It has all worked marvelously! My Gordo is back to his old self. — Connie

Camina & Gypsy

Working with LeeAnna was a revelation; she helped us understand what our cats were thinking and how to interact with them more confidently and know their needs! — Mia & Quinlan


My cat’s behavior has improved substantially after a one-month consultation with LeeAnna … She identified triggers in his behavior that I had no idea about, and I’m so indebted to her for restoring my relationship with my cat. I never could have known how to handle this situation without LeeAnna. — Jen

Zak - Feline Behavior Solutions Testimonial


“My husband and I can not recommend Marci highly enough. She is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and instantly made us feel like we had an All-Star Cat Code Breaker on our team.”

— Toni and Rob Woodard
Jasper and Zach

Zach & Jasper

“What really impressed us was how Marci related her suggestions to our specific needs and our housing situation, and gave us alternative suggestions that led to a successful conclusion. And, we highly recommend her professional feline behavior services.”

— David & Carol Peterson, Jasper & Zach


“Thanks Marci, for all you’ve done for us and for Tom, we’ve learned a lot over the past two months and we know he’s only going to get better.”

— Tiara and Walter Perdue


“We had hired a behaviorist in the past with minimal results. Marci exceeded our expectations, which is what we desperately needed. If you are in a situation with your beloved felines that have you fearing re-homing them or putting them outside or worse, Marci and your sweet babies are soooo worth the investment.”

— Tiffany Geehan

Spice Girl

“After five days, she only exhibited approved behavior – no further reminders from me than those two first times… I can’t send you enough thanks, Marci!”

— Yvonne Hicks