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Zak - Feline Behavior Solutions Testimonial


“My husband and I can not recommend Marci highly enough. She is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and instantly made us feel like we had an All-Star Cat Code Breaker on our team.”

— Toni and Rob Woodard
Jasper and Zach

Zach & Jasper

“What really impressed us was how Marci related her suggestions to our specific needs and our housing situation, and gave us alternative suggestions that led to a successful conclusion. And, we highly recommend her professional feline behavior services.”

— David & Carol Peterson, Jasper & Zach


“Thanks Marci, for all you’ve done for us and for Tom, we’ve learned a lot over the past two months and we know he’s only going to get better.”

— Tiara and Walter Perdue


“We had hired a behaviorist in the past with minimal results. Marci exceeded our expectations, which is what we desperately needed. If you are in a situation with your beloved felines that have you fearing re-homing them or putting them outside or worse, Marci and your sweet babies are soooo worth the investment.”

— Tiffany Geehan

Spice Girl

“After five days, she only exhibited approved behavior – no further reminders from me than those two first times… I can’t send you enough thanks, Marci!”

— Yvonne Hicks
Snowy et al

Snowy, Purrlion, Boots and Suntwo

“She came to our house and was able to assess and offer many solution approaches which has fixed ALL of the issues!!! The solutions were not expensive or very time/labor intensive either. Simple solutions! She is amazing at what she does!”

— Bernadette Silva

Shelley & Maxie

“We sent Marci an SOS, and she was wonderfully responsive. Marci took a careful history, visited with the cats, provided us with a detailed plan about how to turn things around, and followed up multiple times to check on their progress.”

— Sharon and Scott Winkler


“Marci is a pro, and you can see her passion for her work. Her demeanor and sense of calmness was evident immediately when she stepped into my home, and Marci’s ability to coax a shy cat into interacting with her on a first visit was truly amazing!”

— Carol Cavanaugh
Sadie - Testimonial


“Marci’s approach was unlike anything I had seen or even heard of before, and I am so delighted with the outcome! Sadie is a regular part of the family now, and we anticipate many years of mutual enjoyment and love.”

— Sallie Rediske


“We started applying a lot of things only five days after we found Marci’s website and it worked really well starting from the first day!”

— Anne, Rudolph, Marga, Lasse & of course Rudi

Ruby & Willoughby

“…Thanks to Marci, I’ve stopped resenting my cats. I no longer feel like a bad cat mom.”

— Jocelyn O.


“She’s a VERY creative problem solver. You will not believe how many approaches and solutions she will have for you.”

— Kelly and Tiffany