Success stories from happy clients

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Patrick and Fiona

Patrick & Fiona

“As a result of Marci’s clear understandable and practical directions Patrick and Fiona are very close to getting back to normal.”

— Dawn Stone

Ollie, Maxwell, Chloe & Foster

“I have complete confidence in myself and my cats now that I’m armed with her plan and, more importantly, have her continued support. She’s invested in the well-being of my family and I can’t thank her enough for that!”

— LeeAnna Buis

Lennon & Lucy

“Marci is amazing! She is knowledgeable and truly cares about the wellbeing of my cats. She is full of information and tools that will support a happier, healthier life for your cats. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants the best for their fur babies.”

— Laura Campbell

Fifi & Mikey

“On a holiday weekend a fight broke out again, out of the blue. I called her in a panic again, convinced I was going to have to rehome my older cat. To my surprise, she called me back on this holiday weekend, was able to settle me down, and I was able to get back on track. I was able to understand that there will be good days and bad days, breathe and carry on.”

— Cathy Louden
Malindi and Zaya

Malindi & Zaya

“Marci was thoughtful, personable and attentive to our girls and our situation…We are glad to have found Marci and are happy for the help she provided to us!”

— Maria and Benjamin


“I can’t say enough good things about Marci and Feline Behavior Solutions!!! I finally have the cat I’ve wanted and knew he could be…now I can only imagine how much more love he and I will share for the rest of his life with me.”

— Sabrina Sanders
Camp Kitties

Dexter, Hercules & Wolfee

“Marci is a personable and patient cat behaviorist who truly helped me find ways to resolve the behavioral problems with my kitties. She was continually supportive and gave me an infinite amount of resources and guidance weekly, which I could not have done it on my own.”

— Jennifer Camp


“Marci is a miracle worker!”

— Zari Mootz

Chaser & Socks

“Marci is a great resource and a real pleasure to work with. If you have any struggles with your cats, we would HIGHLY recommend working with her.”

— Krystel and Erik


“Thankfully, we found Marci. From the start, it was clear that she has a depth and breadth of knowledge that informs her thoughtful observations.”

— Elizabeth and Ben K.
Herbie & Pixie

Herbie & Pixie

“I really appreciated the time Marci took to talk to me about my feelings and how I reacted with the cats. I knew I could email her anytime during that month and update her on what was happening and how we were doing.”

— Dova Weinberger


“I cannot say enough nice things about the Paws-On Training I received from Marci. This is someone who truly cares about what they do.”

— David Kaulitz