Success stories from happy clients

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Chaser & Socks

“Marci is a great resource and a real pleasure to work with. If you have any struggles with your cats, we would HIGHLY recommend working with her.”

— Krystel and Erik


“Marci is a miracle worker!”

— Zari Mootz
Malindi and Zaya

Malindi & Zaya

“Marci was thoughtful, personable and attentive to our girls and our situation…We are glad to have found Marci and are happy for the help she provided to us!”

— Maria and Benjamin


“I can’t say enough good things about Marci and Feline Behavior Solutions!!! I finally have the cat I’ve wanted and knew he could be…now I can only imagine how much more love he and I will share for the rest of his life with me.”

— Sabrina Sanders
Camp Kitties

Dexter, Hercules & Wolfee

“Marci is a personable and patient cat behaviorist who truly helped me find ways to resolve the behavioral problems with my kitties. She was continually supportive and gave me an infinite amount of resources and guidance weekly, which I could not have done it on my own.”

— Jennifer Camp
Oreo Mondays


“Marci helped me to better understand the needs of my cat. She offered me advice and tools to help better the situation. It’s only been a couple of days since we spoke, but I already see changes in Oreo by using the knowledge she gave me.”

— Tina Modugno

Forest, Oliver & Zeke

“Marci had very good follow up with us, was prompt, professional and very worth the investment! We don’t know what we would have done without her!”

— Megan Wyckoff


“Marci isn’t magic; she simply understands cats and people.”

— Cynthia Cyger

Blacky & Larry

“With Marci’s instructions, I have the knowledge to deal with changes as they come. Things are quite a challenge here and Marci met the challenge.”

— Judy Boles


“I learned so much from Marci about [the cats’] needs and as a result have made improvements that have benefited both of my felines. We’re all very grateful for Marci’s expertise!”

— Emily Trinkaus


“Dr. Marci had the solutions. We immediately made all of the suggested changes and the problems were solved.”

— Karen R. and John M.


“Marci’s behavior program for us and her many suggestions have been monumentally helpful. Both myself and Boobie are closely adhering to her program with positive results! We learned a lot from her.”

— Lauris Halladay