Guardian: Karen R. and John M.

Dr. Marci Koski has improved our lives, solved our issues. We could not be happier to have the problems solved. I wish we would have found Marci first. We consulted with regular and holistic vets and spent a lot of time searching for solutions. Our cat was peeing in the large laundry room sink and out of the litter boxes. She had solutions for feeding his raw cat food diet and for play. Now our cat is healthy, happy, and secure.

Dr. Marci had the solutions. We immediately made all of the suggested changes and the problems were solved.

This was money well spent. We could have saved a lot of money if we had found Dr. Marci sooner. We spent money on large litter boxes and Oriental chests that were made into litter boxes. While they were beautiful, they did not work. Two perfectly lovely leather chairs thrown out could have been avoided. She had the solutions that were implemented and solved the problems. We are grateful to Dr. Marci.