Guardian: Nikki H.

I hired Marci because I had just gotten two kittens and I wanted to set us up to have the best relationship possible. One of my sweet kittens had a biting Issue which was the main thing we worked on and it is WAY better (she’s on my lap right now, not one bite:) I am also happy to say they never scratch anything I don’t want them to. Marci helped me to optimize my litter box situation in a small space, helped me to think about things from their perspective, and gave me tons of resources for their care and training.

I have owned cats before but I learned SO much from Marci that I did not know. I learned how to optimize my household for greater cat/cat and cat/human harmony.  I also see that there is a ton of misinformation out there about cats believed by even the most well-intentioned cat owners. Do your relationship with your cat a favor and hire Marci. It was such a wonderful Investment for our household.