Guardian: Mia & Quinlan

Our kitten Camina had started peeing on our bed, and we couldn’t figure out why or how to stop her. This was putting a ton of strain on our relationship with her and our household in general!

Working with LeeAnna was a revelation; she helped us understand what our cats were thinking and how to interact with them more confidently and know their needs! We immediately saw an improvement and Camina hasn’t peed on the bed (or anywhere else but her litter box) ever since! The recommendations on how to improve the kitten’s relationship with our senior cat was also invaluable, as Camina is a rambunctious little gal who sometimes doesn’t know when to stop pestering her big sister. This was just perfect for what we needed and I can’t say enough great things!

It’s worth every penny of the cost!!!!! If you need help, these are the folks to use for sure.