Guardian: Krystel and Erik

After taking our cat Socks for a day-long vet visit, her sister cat Chaser greeted her at arrival by hissing. We discovered this was called Feline Non-recognition Aggression. We separated the cats for a day and tried to reintroduce them with very little improvement. We realized we needed some expert help! I gave Marci a call and right away she gave us excellent advice on how we can help reunite our cats. She also set realistic expectations on how long the process would take. On our first video call, Marci provided so much helpful information. She gave us a detailed plan for reintroducing the cats. The plan was helpfully outlined and worked really well for our kitties. She also taught us how to properly play with our cats so that they could release their energy during playtime instead of at each other. While the reintroduction ended up taking three weeks total, Marci’s method made the process smooth and effective. Even after the cats were back to being friendly, Marci continued to check in with us and help us with other little cat behavior problems we had with Chaser. Marci is a great resource and a real pleasure to work with. If you have any struggles with your cats, we would HIGHLY recommend working with her. Should anything ever come up again, we would definitely reach out to her again.