Guardian: David Kaulitz

Where do I even start with my cat problems? Probably what most of you say when you have a hellish feline companion whose behavior dictates how you live your everyday life? I had this problem.

My cat, Dash, had some ridiculous behavior and attitude problems. From the destructive scratching, to attacking myself and guests. Dash, currently 6 years old, is a Flame Point Siamese. Which I have been told, are normally temperamental. In fact, when I tried to get help from trainers in the past, they all just said this is how the cat is going to act because of his breed. Now because of this information I just changed the way I live and do everyday tasks. For example, I have to be careful where I leave open containers, or lay down cloths. Because Dash will destroy them within seconds of my choice to place common objects within his reach. Holes in bed sheets, scars on my hands and feet from trying to give affection. I was living with a monster who I feel only kept me alive because I could operate a can opener…

Enter Marci…

Marci heard of my troubles through mutual friends who were also as afraid as I was to even look at Dash wrong. With the fear that he may strike at any moment simply because you wore something he didn’t like. I chatted with Marci back and forth a bit, expecting to hear the same useless tips that the trainers before her gave me. But that did not happen… She listened, and accepted the challenge to meet with Dash. My greatest fear that Dash may kill one of my guests was now a possibility…

Cut to the day Marci arrived. I greeted Marci at the door. Within seconds of her entering my house, Dash was up to his normal aggressive behavior. Marci attempted to greet the furry demon, and of course as expected, Dash greeted her back with a quick paw swipe to her hand. At this point I was sweating bullets. We got into an open area of the house where we talked a lot more about Dash and his behavior. And honestly, I expected simple answers that I could have found on the internet like anyone else. But I was wrong.

Marci definitely went the extra mile, showing me steps to improve Dash’s behavior over time, and even tools and toys that were incredibly effective. At the end of the “paws-on” training session, I was given a list of instructions to perform to improve Dash.

Marci has an abundance of knowledge on cats with behavior issues. I was absolutely blown away by the answers I received. And no, of course I am not going to talk about what she said. You will need to hire her for yourself and see. It took about 4 weeks of doing what Marci instructed to get a routine going for Dash. I followed everything she wrote down, and Marci even checked in often to see how things were progressing.

Dash is now a completely different cat. He no longer lashes out at me or my guests, he no longer wakes me up in the middle of the night just because he wants food or attention. It’s super impressive that someone actually took the time to know and understand my cat, and developed a plan to curve his attitude to something that was pleasant and more friendly pet like.

I will continue to perform the steps Marci made for Dash and I. As even today, his behavior is improving. I cannot say enough nice things about the Paws-On Training I received from Marci. This is someone who truly cares about what they do. If you have a cat with behavior issues, do yourself a favor and reach out to Marci.

Thank you Marci, I hope more will benefit from your experience and knowledge as I have.