Guardian: Nancy C.

I was having a significant house soiling issue with my cats. The girls were the guilty parties, and they clearly didn’t like each other. It was so bad, I had gotten to the point where I didn’t think I would be able to keep all three kitties (Mr. Weasley, Jyn and Eleven). I worked with LeeAnna and she listened carefully to the issue. She had so many suggestions that helped, and we immediately had a drastic reduction in house soiling. I decided to work more with LeeAnna to try to get my two females to tolerate each other better, so I opted for several more sessions. The situation is definitely improving, and I feel that I now have a tool kit available to me, with lots of ideas and resources to help my kitties. Thank you so much, LeeAnna and Feline Behavior Solutions! The house soiling is ALMOST completely gone. My little female is less scared of the larger female, and they tolerate each other much better!