Guardian: Cathy Louden

I was so lucky to have found Feline Behavior Solutions after I had a shocking experience of my cats (8 years old and 2 years old) fighting horribly after getting along so well for almost 2 years. It was so scary, shocking and surprising, and I was in a complete panic. Dr. Marci helped my cats as well as me. I contacted her initially and was surprised that she called me back so quickly and offered helpful suggestions right away on the first call. I decided to do the initial 45-minute online visit and incorporated some suggestions immediately….such as more feeding times, scheduled play times, baby gates, etc. All of which made a huge difference. Then, on a holiday weekend a fight broke out again, out of the blue. I called her in a panic again, convinced I was going to have to rehome my older cat. To my surprise, she called me back on this holiday weekend, was able to settle me down, and I was able to get back on track. I was able to understand that there will be good days and bad days, breathe and carry on. I decided to do the month-long session, just to be sure I wasn’t making matters worse and hopefully get this situation resolved in a more timely manner. I have tons of information to work with now and have changed my approach to working with my cats. I’m happy to report, with Marci’s gentle nudge, that my cats are slowly getting back together, spending face to face time multiple times a day, grooming each other even. I’m calmer, my cats are calmer, and we are definitely back on track to having all of us together in one space. I am so very appreciative and have peace in knowing that Dr. Marci’s there if I need her. Thank you so much Dr. Marci!!!!