We sought out Marci’s assistance after moving and we joined two households, one with two 16 year old man cats and a 7 month old kitten! Boy, they did not know what to do with each other. We started having spraying issues, severe urination outside of the box and fighting. For the first time we were hating coming home due to all the cat problems and just not enjoying these wonderful fur babies anymore. Marci came in and saved the day!

She did a very detailed assessment and then gave us specific tasks to make the transition better. We were skeptical as we are very experienced with cats and thought we had tried EVERYTHING! We were wrong. By taking Marci’s advice and doing the work, changing it up as needed, and then staying consistent with her suggestions we now have a happy cat home! The spraying stopped completely! The accidents outside of the box are much less – what’s left is because of old cat health problems. The fighting has decreased HUGELY and they now even cuddle together at times!

Marci had very good follow up with us, was prompt, professional and very worth the investment! We don’t know what we would have done without her!