Guardian: Sharon Kazangian

I decided to reach out to Marci for two reasons: The vet recommended it and I had no idea what else to do. We have three cats in our house. One (Daisy) is perfectly fine (just has attitude). The second (Blizzy) has obvious health problems with no cure from vet. The third (Franky) started acting very strange. First, he urinated on my son’s bed twice and family room floor. I took him to the vet to make sure he was healthy and he was. Then Franky spent about 3-4 weeks just hanging out in the garage. When we finally coaxed him back into the house, he was urinating on two chairs. I was afraid to get rid of the chairs because then he would urinate somewhere else (besides the litter box). The chairs were disgusting and the house was smelling terrible and I couldn’t invite anyone over! So I reached out to Marci to get some help.

After Marci spent some time at my house, she had several recommendations for us. She told us verbally and emailed us, as well as making a summary sheet which was easy to follow. She even had product names and places we could order the product. Thank goodness, the first thing Marci said was that the chairs had to go. Then she wanted us to add litter boxes to a couple of areas in the house and to get a big one. To replace the chairs, she recommended getting a low coffee table and putting cushions on it and a blanket to make it a cozy place for the cats (Franky and Blizzy). Marci felt that Franky was stressed over Blizzy’s illness – Blizzy was also missing the litterbox, spilling food and falling off furniture.

All the suggestions worked beautifully. I bought a black light (recommended) so I could locate the spots where the cats had urinated, the right cleaner to clean the floors and eliminate odor. I got rid of the chairs and made a comfy new area and also picked up 2 more litter boxes, one being very big. Right away Franky used the new sleeping area and the new litter boxes. Marci continued to offer suggestions to help Blizzy also.

I knew Marci was the right person. She was willing to come to my house and see the cats and their environment. She spent time with each cat and took pictures of them. She took her time and expressed her thoughts easily and was easy to understand. I am so grateful to Marci because we love our cats but I was getting frustrated over what was happening to my house. I have happy cats now and I’m happy because my house smells better and I can have people over again. Marci also was caring enough to send a couple of follow-up emails. She truly cares. I cannot thank her enough!