Guardian: Connie

Our Gordo has spondylosis, making his hips very achy. He was peeing outside of his litter box constantly. He wasn’t grooming himself, he seemed very lethargic and generally unhappy. The worst part was that my husband, who works from home, had to deal with the cleaning up of his accidents on a daily basis, more than once a day. He was so frustrated that he told me he might need to move out! I knew we had to do something to save our family.

LeeAnna is amazing! She gave us practical suggestions on how to best help our kitty. She recommended a heated cat bed, a bigger litter box with a shallow entry, night lights to help him navigate his surroundings. It has all worked marvelously! My Gordo is back to his old self. he uses his litter boxes consistently. He uses his little houses to hide and feel safe. Ever since we met with LeeAnna he has only peed outside his box once. I am very happy and relieved. She saved our family 🙂

I would say that the advice they give is practical and easy to follow. LeeAnna has a great vibe and talking to her was very easy.