Guardian: Dova Weinberger

We reached out for help after having our two cats separated for a couple of weeks without seeing any improvement. I didn’t know what next steps to take and if I was doing things right. As a new cat owner, I needed a new set of eyes on the situation and someone to be honest with me about whether or not we had a shot at a resolution. My vet wasn’t being very helpful and I couldn’t find anyone in the area to help. The separation was putting a lot of stress on me and my family and I knew I couldn’t handle things on my own. I had joined Marci’s Facebook group when we adopted our first cat and was so grateful to discover her services.

After being separated for 14 weeks, our cats are living together as most cats do – mostly peaceful and sometimes not. Everyone is happy and feels loved. Besides the fighting and aggressive chasing diminishing, Pixie is confident and struts around the house unphased by Herbie’s sometimes naughty behavior. One of the very first things Marci said was that we had to build Pixie’s confidence and, with her help, we did.

I really appreciated the time Marci took to talk to me about my feelings and how I reacted with the cats. I knew I could email her anytime during that month and update her on what was happening and how we were doing. At one point when things were really getting hard for me, Marci took the time to talk to me to see what we could do to make things better. I remember she asked me “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” and she listened to my fears and validated them, but reassured me that the cats would be ok and it might even help us move forward. I think it’s also valuable to have Marci’s private Facebook group where those of us who have used her services and find her advice helpful have a place to ask questions and still feel supported, even after our month of service was over.