Guardian: Erica M.

I worked with LeeAnna, who was just wonderful. I was so stressed out by the time I spoke with her for the first time bc the issue we had was occurring for 2 months and was extreme. LeeAnna gave me hope that the issue could be resolved and I felt so much better after our first call. It turned out my cat had UTIs and the first round of meds did not help. After resolving the issue and trying other suggestions LeeAnna gave me, our kitten stopped the behavior. I had 2 other sessions with her after that and we worked on other minor issues with our cats. She gave me invaluable tips and suggestions that almost immediately helped improve the balance and relationships amongst the cats and even helped our most timid cat come out of his shell a little already. I can’t recommend LeeAnna more, you won’t regret working with her. She’s so easy to talk to and brings a sense of calm to the meetings which is so helpful and refreshing when you are dealing with a difficult pet situation.