Guardian: Elizabeth and Ben K.

We knew from the start that our sweet, baby kitten was going to be a handful. In an attempt to satisfy his almost constant craving for attention, we gave him loads of play and started clicker training him. The more attention we gave, though, the more he craved. It got to the point were he would just cry at our feet with such desperation that it was breaking our hearts. He also started jumping and climbing on us to initiate play, which became problematic. In his frustration, he would also chew on a number of inappropriate items. We were constantly trying to satisfy his pleas, with no luck.

Thankfully, we found Marci. From the start, it was clear that she has a depth and breadth of knowledge that informs her thoughtful observations. From helping us grasp cat psychology, to independent-play suggestions, Marci was a wonderful resource as we set out to improve our kitten’s world. She also gently highlighted ways we could modify our own behaviors, in order to help our family dynamic. We got some great tips on how to take his training to another level, too. We were given advice and guidance that was tailored to our unique situation, which we appreciated.

What’s more, we never felt abandoned. Marci was quick to respond and always gave us helpful advice when questions or challenges arose. We began a kitchen remodel during our consultation period, which caused our kitten a great deal of stress the first day. Marci sprang to action and gave us a ton of helpful advice that we were able to put into practice immediately, saving us all a great deal of stress and strain during the long construction process. She patiently answered the other questions we peppered her with, as well, always showing a great deal of care for our entire family.

We are thrilled to report that our kitten has grown into a dear and content cat. Thanks to Marci, we are a happy family with a peaceful home.