Guardian: Jen

Rated 5/5

Before working with LeeAnna, my cat had slowly become more aggressive as he reached one year of age. It got so bad that he’d lash out at me daily. Biting, scratching, leaping on me… he was relentless, and it broke my heart. I had tried to read online and check out books from the library to find solutions, but nothing was working. I was starting to worry that I’d have to rehome my cat, which would have been incredibly difficult emotionally–despite his flaws, I love him dearly. But it was getting to the point that I was afraid of being near my cat when his next outbreak happened. It was really hurting our relationship. I had started wearing long shirts and pants during the summer to protect myself.

My cat’s behavior has improved substantially after a one-month consultation with LeeAnna. Her detailed, creative, and practical solutions to his aggression led to an almost instant reduction in issues. He is much calmer now and much less prone to outbreaks. He still gets riled up occasionally, but I see the warning signs miles away now. The multi-tiered plan she made for me was incredibly effective. She tailored the program exactly for my cat, my lifestyle, and my house. She identified triggers in his behavior that I had no idea about, and I’m so indebted to her for restoring my relationship with my cat. I never could have known how to handle this situation without LeeAnna.

If you’re having any issues with your cat, be it litter boxes, nervousness, aggression, you name it, please visit LeeAnna at Feline Behavior Solutions. She is sharp, observant, thorough, and knowledgeable. She’ll give you the tools and detailed instructions you need to address the issues. I can’t recommend her enough–she saved my relationship with my cat.