Guardian: Joanna and Sahara

Ever since we got Louis, he has been a very energetic kitty that liked to knock things over and snack on cereal / other carbs not meant for kitties. Over the years his behaviour got worse and worse and was even starting to attack me and my partner and the dog. While this was unfavourable, his aggression was the least of our concerns. We hadn’t slept a full night since adopting Louis as his night time mischief always woke us up at ungodly hours with us wondering “what did he do this time?” We knew he was hungry but his history of obesity was preventing us from feeding him more. His behaviour was completely disrupting our lives and we had no idea what to do about it.

Out of desperation, we googled “cat behaviourist Vancouver” and Dr. Marci appeared on the screen in front of us! We watched some of her videos and I honestly thought to myself “wow she seems so happy with her cats… HOW?!”. It’s clear I had been building resentment against my fur baby.

We didn’t have any other options and we weren’t even sure if she could help us with Louis but we were willing to take the chance on her to find out. Judging by her website and her general demeanour towards cats, she clearly knew a lot more about these animals than we did. We set up a phone call and a consult and she asked us about things that we didn’t even know had anything to do with Louis’ behaviour. She was so knowledgable and truly listened to our concerns that finally, we felt hopeful that Louis can be the kitty we always wanted him to be. She gave us lots of suggestions that we were eager to implement right away. Any questions that came up, she told us why Louis might be behaving this way and offered numerous suggestions to try.

My partner and I can’t express our gratitude enough for Dr. Marci. Louis is a COMPLETELY different cat! He snuggles us more, has learned new tricks and commands (you really CAN train cats, people!!!), overall is a happier cat, and has even started bonding with the dog! We are finally sleeping through the night and now don’t wake up wondering what we are going to find broken or destroyed. Louis is a really smart cat and needs lots of playtime and puzzles which I wouldn’t have understood before booking in with Dr. Marci. I am enjoying being a cat parent again! If you are at your wits ends with your cat and are thinking of contacting Dr. Marci, DO IT! It was hands down the best thing I’ve spent money on in years; or maybe ever.