Guardian: Jeff

One of our babies was meowing at the door dying to get outside, even though she was a happily indoor meow. LeeAnna gave us the tools in a friendly and efficient way to help solve our issues with our baby meowing incessantly at the door (it is all better now!) and also gave us all these amazing tools to enrich our babies’ environment and allow them to thrive more in an indoor environment while following their primal hunting instincts. LeeAnna was AMAZING! Super (super!!) knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient with our time. My partner and I thought we were good cat parents, but little did we know! Haha – just kidding, we give them a lot of love, a good place to live, and regular vet appointments – but with LeeAnna’s help, we will now be able to enrich our meows’ environment to the next level and give them everything they need to thrive and love life!