Guardian: Maria and Benjamin

Zaya had been eating fabrics around our house since she was a kitten. We had been trying in vain to figure out her behavior and stop her from destroying our clothes and blankets. Then when Zaya and her sister, Malindi got to be 1.5 years old they started hissing at each other, so we really started looking for ways to understand them both and change their behavior. We found Marci & Feline Behavior Solutions through the Cat’s Meow Luxury Boarding and decided to hire her for a consultation. Marci was thoughtful, personable and attentive to our girls and our situation. Marci gave us a comprehensive plan to work on. We started the plan implementation and followed up with questions that Marci was quite responsive to. We are happy that we have seen good progress in Malindi and Zaya’s chewing and confrontational behavior based on working with Marci and our continuing our work with the girls. We are glad to have found Marci and are happy for the help she provided to us!