Guardian: Josh

LeeAnna’s expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping us introduce a new cat to our 20-year-old senior cat. Initially, our senior cat displayed surprising aggression towards the new addition, and we were worried about their compatibility, thinking we’d have to re-home the new cat.

During our behavior consultation with LeeAnna, she provided us with practical and effective strategies to gradually and patiently work with the cats. We implemented the techniques she recommended and saw gradual progress over time. We had a few follow-up questions after our initial session, and she was always prompt in providing us with thoughtful and informative responses.

We applied what we learned over the course of a few months, and saw remarkable improvements in their interactions as the cats learned to coexist peacefully. LeeAnna’s support was invaluable in helping us navigate the challenges of introducing two cats with different personalities and ages. Thank you, LeeAnna, for helping us create a peaceful and happy home for our feline family