Guardian: LeeAnna Buis

MIRACLE WORKER! I’ve had cats my entire life and thought I understood them pretty well. But Dr. Marci Koski opened my eyes and showed me a whole new world of cat actions, instincts and communication.

Feline Behavior Solutions goes above and beyond, getting to know as much as they possibly can about your pets, home, lifestyle and anything else that will help them identify potential issues and provide realistic solutions.

I was a little anxious going in, worried about looking like a bad cat mom. I had two senior cats for whom, in hindsight, I wasn’t giving the best life I could. Then I added a 1 year old foster fail to the family and he turned our world upside, in both good and very bad ways. Aggression toward my senior cats, redirected aggression toward me, a seemingly endless supply of energy, a nearly obsessive interest in everything and no real manners or training to speak of. But Marci never once made me feel like I was “less than.” She was understanding, encouraging and developed a detailed and manageable behavior plan that has truly changed our lives.

I can’t believe how quickly I saw a difference in my entire household and started to understand what my cats were doing and why. Ollie’s aggression toward the other cats, and redirected aggression toward me, started to improve right away. Chloe started to become more confident. And most importantly, I was learning to listen to my cats and saw how my reactions to stressful cat situations were making matters so much worse. She even shared some helpful tips to socialize a foster cat I was caring for at the time. As Marci says, it’s an ongoing process. But I have complete confidence in myself and my cats now that I’m armed with her plan and, more importantly, have her continued support. She’s invested in the well-being of my family and I can’t thank her enough for that! In fact, in large part due to seeing Dr. Marci’s work and the impact it has, I started a feline behavior certification program myself and hope soon to join the ranks of kitty saviors like Dr. Marci.