Guardian: Debra Stephens

I attended one of Marci’s classes (“Litterbox Purrvana”) and was impressed by the breadth and depth of her knowledge about cat behavior. I asked her for a Happy Cat Happy Home consultation because:

1. My little gray tabby Sona routinely urinates outside the litter box and several extensive vet exams and diagnostics provided strong evidence it is not the result of a medical issue. So I wanted Marci to help me figure out why–from time to time–he pees on the sofa, in cardboard boxes, and on any clothing or linens left on the floor.

2. My big black cat Onyx, now a senior, acts grumpy toward Sona at times, vocalizing loudly at him, cornering him, and even occasionally pouncing on him, which elicits much outraged growling from Sona. I asked Marci to look around at the kitties’ overall environment and special hangouts, so that she could suggest ways I might improve and enrich both their surroundings and my play interactions with them, reducing their boredom and stress level and making them happier in general.

3. I am planning to introduce a new cat into my household, and sought Marci’s advice on where and how to segregate the cat initially and how best to introduce him gradually to the other kitties.

Marci came through spectacularly on all three issues. I’m a veteran cat-owner and have educated myself about many aspects of their care, and was delighted that Marci provided me new and very helpful information that is based on sound scientific research. After her home visit she wrote a very thorough report on everything we discussed and included many useful links to some excellent resources. The report has become my go-to source of insight and guidance on the three concerns I brought to her.

Marci showed patience, compassion and insight during her visit and in all our communications during the following month. In her work she manifests a deep love and respect for cats, together with extensive knowledge of, and expertise in, feline behavior. She brings both intellect and heart to all she does for our furry friends and their humans. She has my highest recommendation.