Guardian: Kristen Herndon

We had occasional severe misdirected aggression between our two kitties when strangers would come over. We also had a nighttime meowing issue and playtime avoidance. We had done so much online research and felt that we had tried everything and were out of ideas. These issues were really affecting our social life, preventing us from feeling comfortable with petsitters, and ruining our sleep. 

Dr. Marci took the time to understand the details of our situation and our cats’ personalities, and really listened to our issues and questions. She gave us a very comprehensive lesson on our cats’ behavior and psychology and helped us finally understand the root cause of the issues, and steps to address them. Now we understand our kitties better and how to help them live a happier life. Dr. Marci is so positive with all her suggestions. We actually had fun implementing all of the changes she had us try and have seen huge steps towards resolving every issue we had. Our only regret is not finding her sooner!

Dr. Marci really loves cats and understands feline behavior. If you’re having problems with your fur babies, or are new to cat ownership, or even if you just want to understand cat behavior and happiness better, I would not hesitate to consult with her. We are so glad we worked with her, and so are our kitties!