Guardian: Kate

I’ve been working on introducing a new kitty, Precious to my 2 existing cats and they were not having it. Precious was a stray and while I was following the books I had read and videos I had watched she was still extremely aggressive with the other 2. I also noticed a marked change in the existing 2 hissing and not being as warm and friendly with each other as they had been previously. Precious has her own room and trying to introduce them was literally taking over a lot of my time and often left me immensely frustrated thinking things were progressing when they really weren’t.

LeeAnna helped me rethink and restrategize how I was applying the things I had already learned. I had taken the introduction as far as I could on my own and while it’s still a work in progress I feel much better about my approach and the tools I’m using now.

If you want to truly understand what’s going on and why the things you’ve learned about cat introductions may not be working the way you thought they would you need to work with LeeAnna. She can assess the situation and not just tell you what to do right now, also explain how to look at it and think about it so you can analyze it for yourself in the future.