Guardian: Jocelyn O.

I was at my wit’s end. I have two cats, and I started seeing pee puddles outside the litter box. At first it was once a week or so, then it became more than once a day. I tried all the recommendations out there….changing litter, changing litter boxes, checking for medical conditions….nothing seemed to help.

I finally decided to reach out to Marci when I witnessed both cats urinating outside the litter box on the same day. I was moving in a few months and knew that I didn’t want this to happen in my new place. I had Marci come meet me and the cats for a home visit. I really appreciated Marci’s holistic approach to a cat’s life and needs. She really helped me better understand my cats and how to interact with them.

A lot changed for us after that initial visit. She left me with a list of action-able to-do’s to change our situation. It took a few months and some habit changes on my part. We’ve been living in our new place for two months now and haven’t had one out of the box experience! It’s freeing not coming home to a puddle of pee!

More importantly, thanks to Marci, I’ve stopped resenting my cats. I no longer feel like a bad cat mom.

Thanks for making us a happy fur family!