Guardian: Anne, Rudolph, Marga, & Lasse

I recently received this testimonial from a couple whom I had never met – I was blown away by how much they were affected by my blog posts and advice. Most of the testimonials on this page are from my clients, but it touched my heart to realize that I have helped people and cats out there, many of whom I will never probably meet. Thank you, Anne and Rudolph, for sharing your story with me and making a connection! I’m so happy for you, Rudi, and your other furry family members! – marci

The knowledge Marci presents on her site for FREE is amazing and we can’t thank her enough for all the work she does!! Here is the story of our little family and how she made us happy again:

In late 2016 we got our third cat ‘Rudi’ (a German name, since we are from Germany). Rudi was given to us by a friend who has gotten sick, so of course we took him in and gave him all our love. He got along well with our other cats and we were really happy at the start. All our cats are indoor cats and even though Rudi was used to going out occasionally at his previous owner’s home, he adapted quickly and thought he would just see for some entertainment & activity himself…

We were wrong! Rudi quickly became slow, sleepy and almost a little lethargic in as little as 2 months. I know now that we were clearly at fault and I feel really bad about this now, but back then we had a lot to do during the day and we just didn’t really think about our new little baby being bored. I mean, he had friends, we thought!

The situation with Rudi got worse and worse: He got fatter, was less interested in the other cats/us and we never EVER saw him moving at a pace that didn’t look like he’d fall asleep in a second. We knew we had to change something and that the health and happiness of our little baby was our responsibility.

So, me and my husband went on the internet to search around and see how we could lift Rudi’s spirit again and make him the happy, beautiful cat that he once was. However, we were completely overwhelmed by the information out there… Articles about fixing your cat’s mood that take an hour to read and you end up with almost no things that you can actually APPLY. Many websites give you a broad overview over things and complicate them, so you go up and buy their program or coaching…We were sad and desperate, since we were not very fluent with money at the moment because we went through a tough time in 2016/17.

My step-sister, who lives in Nebraska, then told me I should check out Marci’s site and see what tips I can find! She said that Marci helped her friend once in the past and that she knows what she’s talking about, so I went to her website and looked around.

After some reading, I found this blog post where she gives her take on indoor cats and how to stimulate them more. I LOVED IT. The amount of PRACTICAL knowledge that you can APPLY and use instantly is incredible! Other articles that are 5 times as long don’t feature that much useful information…

So me and my husband read this and other blog posts (like this one about training) and wrote down all the practical things Marci offered to us so we could go and improve Rudi’s situation and life.

We started applying a lot of things only five days after we found Marci’s website and it worked really well starting from the first day! Let me give an example of why I love her tips so much: For us, we can’t place and bird or squirrel feeders outside (our flat situation makes it impossible). We thought about doing that as well but then said goodbye to the idea since we can’t do it and we moved on. BUT Marci gave a great tip that we could do instead, and we use this still today: We use an animal DVD on our TV to stimulate your cat and make it go jump up and down the screen! We NEVER thought about that!

So, we started using DVDs, other objects in our flat, sounds (never read that before neither!) and training to make Rudi more excited during the day and it WORKED really well! It didn’t even take him one week and we saw him running towards the TV and jumping up on it! That was a HUGE improvement. We started training him small tricks and continued to prepare an environment that stimulates joy and movement. After 5 weeks, we some him playing with one of our other cuties (Marga) for the first time in months. Before that, we didn’t even bother with toys anymore since he would just ignore them, but then we bought a whole set on Amazon because we were so excited! It was a great success and time by time he started playing with us again more and more!

Now, after almost 2 years of a time full of improvement, playtime and fun, we can say that Rudi is the most active, lovely and cutest cat ever and we are SO grateful that we stumbled across Marci’s articles, especially the ones with the indoor cat information.

There were times we really worried about the situation, doubting us as cat parents and feeling ashamed of how we had treated Rudi. Now, we are both happy and excited about the present and the future that (hopefully) holds many years with our amazing amazing cuties. We have become full blown crazy cat people in the meantime but we both love it! Maybe we always wanted that but never really dared ourselves to show our love for cats that much because we secretly knew we didn’t treat out cutie(s) the way they should have been treated. But those times are over, and it all started and happened because of Marci.

Just to show you how happy we are now and how much this all means to me: It was my birthday beginning of January (67 years old…time flies) and my husband got me my first piece of jewelry featuring a cute cat smiling. I almost cried the first second because I knew why he gave me that and what it meant: Our tough times where Rudi was bored and in a bad mood are over. He is active, positive and full of joy again. He is happy now, and so are we. He is ‘smiling’. Today I have it around my neck while I am writing this (I mean it took longer than one day to write this but I am wearing it right now, so I guess that counts…).

Anyway, Marci, I know it’s probably hard to understand the amount of impact you had on our lives, since we live so far apart and we never had contact before that, but my husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You saved our little family, made us happier, healthier and stronger and our Rudi is now more BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY and ACTIVE than ever.

With lots of loves and tiny paws,