Guardian: Sallie Rediske

Sadie was thought of as the “Spirit Cat” in her foster home, where she had lived since her birth. She would be friendly with the other pets in that home, but not with people. When she was one, I adopted her to be a friend to my other cat, Tux.

When she first came to my home, she lived under the guest room bed for a year-and-a-half. She never left that room, and only came out from under the bed at night to use her box and eat her food. That’s when my friend recommended that I contact Marci.

I set up a video conference with Marci, and found her to be very holistic in learning about Sadie’s life and circumstances. Her intake paperwork was comprehensive and thorough. Marci herself is intelligent, professional, sweet, and understanding. Via video, I took Marci throughout my home, as she determined how to best help Sadie become part of the family and interact with Tux and my dog, Harley.

Marci’s approach was unlike anything I had seen or even heard of before, and I am so delighted with the outcome! Sadie is a regular part of the family now, and we anticipate many years of mutual enjoyment and love. She is no longer the ghostly, mysterious “Spirit Cat.” Now, she is just Ms. Sadie, sharing family space, curious about day-time goings-on, and playful. It seems like every day we see displays of new behaviors suggesting she has every intention of continuing her evolution to a full-time member of our family.

Thank you, Marci! You gave us our Ms. Sadie!