Guardian: Sharon and Scott Winkler

We adopted two unrelated adult cats in quick succession and were quite concerned when the first, who arrived about two months before her stepsister, began to bully the more recent arrival. We were especially concerned because both cats have special needs and we had seen how detrimental stress could be to the cats’ health.

We sent Marci an SOS, and she was wonderfully responsive. Marci took a careful history, visited with the cats, provided us with a detailed plan about how to turn things around, and followed up multiple times to check on their progress.

She emphasized the importance of structured playtime with indoor kitties, and she introduced us to some great toys that they love. She also introduced us to Feliway and catification, and gave us a few pieces of advice about what not to do.

Our cats have good days and bad days, but they are better able to share their space. In fact, they both have slept in the bed together, a hotly contested area of the house, without incident. That’s great progress!

We highly recommend Marci for dealing with cats’ behavior problems. Her advice is specific and practical.