Guardian: Robin

We came to LeeAnna with Feline Behavior Solutions as a last resort. Harvey had continued to harass, chase, and even fight with Sparkles, despite over 3 years of trying everything we could think of to resolve their issues. In the end, LeeAnna taught us that we were using human logic rather than cat logic, and this was a total game changer. We saw improvements the first few weeks alone. Before LeeAnna, if Harvey saw or heard Sparkles moving around anywhere in the house, he immediately went into stalk mode, which led to countless problems. After working with LeeAnna, this is happening far less, and they have many peaceful moments together. Before LeeAnna, Harvey was a bored kitty, which caused him to seek entertainment anywhere he could, making Sparkles a target. After working with LeeAnna, Harvey gets so much more play time and brain stimulation. This not only helped take unwanted attention away from Sparkles, it also led to a better life overall for Harvey. Before LeeAnna, our household was filled with stress over the cat war; we were always on edge worried about the next battle or upset dealing with the current battle, fearing that these cats could not peacefully coexist and feeling frustrated that nothing we tried produced results. After working with LeeAnna, our household is so much calmer, which is better for both the humans and the felines involved. The most important lesson we have learned is that our cat behavior problems were actually human behavior problems, and if we were willing to put in the work, willing to change, and willing to persist with patience, we possessed the capacity to improve the lives of Sparkles and Harvey. We still have work left to do, and these two may never be best friends, but now we have the knowledge and strategies to move forward. Thank you a million times over, LeeAnna!