Guardian: Tamara F.

My new kitten, Puff Daddy, would jump on resident Spicey’D and beat her up at night when we would be cuddling on the bed. He would also latch onto her with his teeth.

I thought I had to re-home him and I probably came close to driving Marci nuts with my fear of not being able to keep him. I felt so helpless.

My lucky kitties now get to play A LOT and that takes care of Puff’s prey drive and need to hunt.

You may think your kitty has a behavior you just cannot deal with. You may be positive you have to re-home them. Don’t! Marci knows cats. And knows how to empower you to help your kitty get over their issue. I have been able to keep Spicey ‘D and Puff Daddy together. My happy little family.

Thanks Marci.