Guardian: Tiffany Geehan

Our oldest cat, Theodore, who had been exhibiting behaviors we associated with stress for quite some time (including aggression toward other cats), began to urinate and defecate outside the litter box daily. He had had a rough couple of years. His canine companion had passed, he inherited 3 new feline siblings in the span of one year and our recent move to a new house was just too much for him. We were at a point where we had actually thought about “options” that we never would have considered an option before. We were still many steps away from those options but they had popped in our heads without permission. That really scared us. We were desperate for things to improve. Not just for our sake, but for the well-being of our animals, who are our family. We hated not seeing them thrive.

Now, Theodore is back to himself! It’s been over 30 days since he’s had any inappropriate soiling, he’s engaged with us, enjoying long naps but interested in play, no longer patrolling the house looking for signs of intruders. He’s relaxed and generous with his purrs. We saw immediate results (within a couple of days) with each and every adjustment we were asked to make.

Marci has the mind of a cat. She is able to use her wealth of knowledge and experience to get into the inner workings of the feline brain. We have 5 cats. I thought I knew a thing or two and had a bit of experience but her expertise was so impressive. I watched her befriend each and every one of them, using treats and toys and rubs, figuring out what each of them liked individually. She would get down on the floor with them to interact and then view things from their literal perspective. She didn’t just provide us with information and resources (although she gave us plenty of that!), she invested in our family. We had hired a behaviorist in the past with minimal results. Marci exceeded our expectations, which is what we desperately needed. If you are in a situation with your beloved felines that have you fearing re-homing them or putting them outside or worse, Marci and your sweet babies are soooo worth the investment.