Guardian: Denise B.

My big girl Winnie hated the cat carrier. I could not get her in without it being a horrific, stressful rodeo for the both of us. LeeAnna instructed us on clicker training…I tried it. Winnie took to it immediately and enjoyed our sessions!! We were able to get her to enter the carrier on her own, walked right in, no stress! I think I cried in disbelief and relief! She went to the vet and when she came home she just stepped out and meowed! She didn’t even hide, post-visit. Miraculous. So very grateful to LeeAnna for the tips and tricks.

Don’t hesitate to contact them! No need to keep living with the stress, the worry, the heartache. You just need to learn what your cat needs from you and how to help them and, whatever the challenge, life can be better!