Guardian: Deborah & Christopher

Marci is the best cat behaviorist in the world.

We enlisted Marci’s help with our two adopted cats. Both were rescues; one was feral when we brought him home. Although both cats bonded with us, two years down the road they were still having problems getting along with each other—sharing space, food, and human attention. It was so bad that we questioned whether we would need to re-home the non-feral cat (the bully) to keep the feral one, who had taken so long to warm up to us, safe.

Marci spent a lot of time with us at the first meeting, listening carefully and asking a lot of excellent questions. By the end of the meeting, we had an action plan. Within a few days, Marci sent a ton of information via email—not just our Behavioral Action Plan, but also resources on how to create inter-cat harmony, how to read feline body language, why cats need play that follows the predator-prey sequence and how to do it, how to create fear-free vet visits, etc. etc. Marci gives—above and beyond. She comes to her work with a genuine desire to help both cats and their humans live joyfully together.

We followed Marci’s plan and our cat problems are completely gone. The eating problem, sharing problem, attention problem, aggression problem—all gone. Our cats hang out together in peace. We are enjoying them more than ever.

Marci is is a professional from start to finish. She is also a really special human being—knowledgeable, intelligent, thoughtful, and funny. We wish we lived closer to her, because she’s the sort of person we’d choose as a friend.

We had met with two cat behaviorists before Marci—and felt ripped off. We hesitated to try again. But with Marci, we assure you, the money is well spent. We got so much in the way of tips and resources. With our cat problems resolved, we now know how to take things to the next level: how to do clicker training to reenforce good behaviors and how to make vet visits stress-free. Trust us: you will not regret spending the money on Marci’s services. She is well worth the price, and then some.

Deborah and Christopher
Santa Rosa, CA