Feline Communication Class:
Learn to Speak Cat Beyond "Meow"!

Because cats don't come with translators.

Are you mystified by what your cat does?

This class is YOUR key to understanding the language of cats!

Do you wish your cat came with thought-bubbles above his or her head so that you could know what he or she was thinking? Dr. Marci of Feline Behavior Solutions will help you decipher the mysterious language of cats! In this hour-long class you'll get:

  • Valuable information about how your cat communicates through body language, vocalizations, and olfactory cues!
  • Pop quizzes and lots of cat pictures to help you understand the webinar material!
  • Marci's amazing and totally realistic* impressions of various types of cat meows!
  • A printable pdf guide that summarizes the important stuff!

Understanding what your cat is telling you is an essential first step in meeting his or her needs and providing a happy, healthy life free of behavior issues. Take this class and you'll be speaking Cat in no time!

Learning another language: $12.97. Understanding your cat: Priceless!

*Ok, so maybe they are not totally realistic. But they ARE entertaining!

Purrrchase Webinar for $12.97

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