Dr. Marci and LeeAnna’s work with Feline Behavior Solutions has been the topic of many stories in the media, and they have been a source of cat behavior advice for various publications and articles.  Marci has also been in the news as a result of her volunteer work with Furry Friends, and two local Humane Societies.  Please see below for a complete listing of press and media exposure that Marci, LeeAnna, and Feline Behavior Solutions have received, divided into the below categories.

News & Recognition


55 Cat Lover Blogs we Love

by CatPet.Club. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was included in CatPet’s 11 Best Blogs by Pros with Cats category in this blog compilation. “Such lists are many, but this one divides top cat blogs by categories for you to get a better idea of what to expect from them. Also, it rates them by the criteria such as topic-related content quality, creativity, and communication with the readers.” Thanks for including Feline Behavior Solutions in your list! (2-18-2020)

Best Pet Blogs Pet Parents Can Find on the Internet

by CyberPet.com Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was included in CyberPet’s list of Top 30 Pet Blogs. “Trying to find the relevant pet blog for your needs can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We sifted through the web and found the best pet blogs for 2019.” Thanks for including us in your list! (8-26-2019)

Top 25 Cat Blogs All Cat Lovers Should Know About

by CatMania.net. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was included in CatMania’s list of top blogs for cat guardians seeking reviews, videos, photos, or advice. [“Dr. Marci’s] main mission is to prevent cats from being abandoned, abused, or surrendered to shelters as the result of treatable behavioral issues.” (10-2018)

Dr. Fox Magazine - Top 10 Pet Blogs

Best Pet-Focused Blogs

by Dr. Fox Magazine. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was included in Dr. Fox Magazine’s top blogs for new pet parents, which covers a wide array of pet species: cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, ferrets, and rodents. “All of the sites have great user experience and provide value through their articles.” (9-27-2018)

Top 25 Pet Blogs in 2018

by www.stopthefleas.com. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was recognized as one of Stop the Fleas’ top 25 pet blogs! (2-13-2018)

Top Cat Blogs

by www.rankedblogs.com. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was recognized as one of Ranked Blogs’ top 50 cat blogs. The blogs are ranked “based on votes, links from other sites, MozRank score, and Twitter followers.” Marci’s blog is also a “Featured Blog” on this cat blog list. (12-11-2017)

Recipient of the Pet Industry Woman of the Year 2017 Advocate Award!

Dr. Marci Koski received the Pet Woman Industry of the Year 2017 Advocate Award at the annual Women in the Pet Industry Network’s annual conference. Five category winners and an overall winner were announced. (9-26-2017)

All About Cats

Top 35 Cat Blogs You Should Know About – 2017

by www.wwwallaboutcats.com. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was recognized as one of All About Cats’ top cat blogs. “Hey guys, we’ve narrowed down our search for the top cat blogs around the world worth checking out. Our criteria included: topic-related content, new content frequency, and general creativity. The results? 35 awesome cat blogs.” (9-1-2017)


Top 50 Cat Blogs About Health and Nutrition

by tinpaw.com. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was recognized as one of tinpaw.com’s top cat blogs. “When you are a cat parent, you need to know every possible thing about making the right decisions where your felines are involved. To get a better grip on the situation, you can search the web for information. But the bigger question is this –where should you start looking for information about your cat’s health and nutrition? Here are 50 blogs you absolutely need to visit on your spare time to learn more about how to take care of your cat’s health.” (8-8-2017) 

16 Cat Blogs to Follow if Your Kids Love Cats

by BestForTheKids.com. Dr. Marci’s Feline Behavior Solutions blog was included as one of the top 16 blogs to follow if you are a parent of kids who love cats. “It took us more than 3 weeks to come up with this list of carefully vetted cat blogs that had to go through several filters before being considered useful for parents who’d like to know about cats mainly because their kids love them.” (5-11-2017)

Local Shelter Receives Money From Amazing Acro-Cats

by The Columbian daily newspaper. “Furry Friends volunteer Marci Koski and one of the Amazing Acro-Cats at the Portland show for the traveling circus troupe, which donated $920 to the Vancouver-based shelter.” Marci helped coordinate volunteers from Furry Friends and House of Dreams to help out with the Acro-Cats when they came to Portland! Each of the organizations received over $1100 apiece, including merchandise sales and audience donations. (7-13-2016)

WIPIN Announces Finalists for Pet Industry Woman of the Year

by Pet Product News.  “During the organization’s annual conference, held this year Sept. 19-21 at Embassy Suites Portland Airport in Portland, one finalist will be chosen from five categories—advocate, corporate, entrepreneur, rising star and solopreneur—and one woman from those five will be chosen as WIPIN’s Pet Industry Woman of the Year.” Dr. Marci Koski is a finalist in the Advocate category based on her work she’s done to keep cats in homes and out of shelters. (6-20-2016)

Non-Profits Updates: Furry Friends

featured in SW Washington’s Human Services Council Volunteer Connections Newsletter.“Dr. Marci Koski has been appointed to the executive committee of Furry Friends as director of social media. Marci is passionate about animal welfare and has volunteered with Furry Friends since April 2014. At Furry Friends, Marci socializes the cats, cleans the halfway house, wrangles cats for zombie movies, and leads the social media team.” (3-2-2016) 

Washington Cat Shelter Destroyed by Landslide

featured in Spot Magazine. “Shortly before Christmas while the Day family was sleeping, there was a loud boom. Turns out their entire front yard slid down the hill in a landslide. Their house was barely spared from following down the hill. They were ordered to evacuate and the house and cat shelter were considered a total loss.” (2-1-2016)

New leadership team announced at Furry Friends

featured in The Reflector. “A new leadership team was recently announced at Furry Friends, a cat adoption agency in Vancouver… Dr. Marci Koski has been appointed to the executive committee of Furry Friends as director of social media. Marci is passionate about animal welfare and has been a volunteer with Furry Friends since April 2014. As a Furry Friends volunteer, she socializes the cats, cleans the halfway house, wrangles cats for zombie movies, and leads the social media team.” (12-2-2015)


CFA’s Meowy Hour Interview

Guest Dr. Marci Koski Certified Feline Behavior and Training Consultant

Two Happy Catio Tales

As cat parents and children head back to work and school, separation anxiety can become an issue for cats in many households. However, with a commitment to quality time with your favorite feline, some enrichment tips, and catio stimulation, you can keep your cat happy and your home harmonious with life changes. It’s also the purr-fect time to share the love stories of two devoted cat moms and the cats entwined within their lives.(10/4/2020)

Two Crazy Cat Ladies – FB Live interview about inter-cat aggression

Come join us for a discussion on inter-cat aggression with Dr. Marci Koski with Feline Behavior Solutions!!! (10/4/2020)

Two Crazy Cat Ladies – FB Live interview about LITTER BOXES!!!

How to help CATS with litter box issues with Dr. Marci Koski with Feline Behavior Solutions!!! (9/6/2020)

Facebook Live interview with Robbi Hess from Crimeless Cat

Marci talks with cat parents to help uncover the reasons for feline behaviors, discusses the joys of cats and may even answer audience questions! (6/3/2020)

Interview With Cat Behavior Consultant, Marci Koski

by Allison Hunter for Lincoln Pet Culture. Dr. Koski shares her backstory on why she decided to become a cat behavior consultant.  (3-15-2019)

Animal Behavior Institute Success Story: Marci Koski

Dr. Marci shares why Feline Training and Behavior Certification is critical to her work every day.

If Your Cat’s Behavior is a Problem, Do More of This

by Dr. Karen Becker, Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker. Dr. Marci Koski was one of seven featured guests in Healthy Pets’ Cat Week event. “Today’s special Cat Week guest is Dr. Marci Koski. Dr. Marci is a feline behaviorist and has her own feline behavior consulting business, Feline Behavior Solutions. ‘I’ve been working with cats for a long time,’ says Dr. Marci. ‘I love to help cats and their people resolve behavior issues. The cats, not the people! Although it often ends up crossing over into human behavior issues.’ This is so true. Often we don’t know we’re contributing to stress in the home, but humans are a source of stress in many situations.’…Read, watch, or listen to Marci talk about cat aggression and litterbox issues.  (3-10-2018)

Interview with Marci Koski, Certified Feline Behavior Consultant

by Robbi Hess, Guest Blogger for Figo Pet Insurance. “Is your cat exhibiting behaviors that are causing you to tear out your hair? Are you picking up more poo outside, rather than inside, the litterbox? Is your cat too vocal or antisocial? If you’re at your wit’s end with trying to understand what is going on inside your feline’s head, you will want to reach out to a certified feline behavior and training consultant like Marci Koski, PhD, of Feline Behavior Solutions”. (9-6-2017)

Top Women in the Pet Industry 2016 Winter Winners’ Magazine

Marci Koski’s Feline Behavior Solutions business featured as a Top Service in the Top Women in the Pet Industry 2016 Winter Winners’ Magazine by Women in the Pet Industry. “Marci threw open the doors of Feline Behavior Solutions a little over two years ago, in November 2014. She said she didn’t know running a business would be so hard. “Oh my goodness, it’s rewarding, but I wear a lot of hats,” she said. The hats she wears during day range from bookkeeper to secretary, web developer, graphic designer, social media guru, video producer, writer, marketer, public relations manager and the REAL part of her job — cat behaviorist!”

A Chat with a Cat Behaviorist

CUTEST INTERVIEW EVER by Lola and Sasha (and their human friend Zoe) of 2 Blogging Cats.  “We have been talking to Certified Feline Behavior and Training Professional Dr. Marci L. Koski! She helps people with their cats or rather, helps cats with their people. Wink wink ;-).”(10-16-2016)

Paying It Forward: Marci Koski, Volunteer Spotlight

featured in Spot Magazine’s Kitty Corner Blog. “I became involved with Furry Friends because I decided to start my own cat behavior consulting business, and needed to get my feline behavior certification. The certification program required a certain number of field hours for experience, and I searched for just the right organization with which to volunteer. I found Furry Friends and the rest is history! I couldn’t have picked a better organization to work with – the people are incredibly dedicated, and each cat is special and unique.” (6-1-2016)

Working in Clark County: Marci Koski, Cat Behaviorist

by Kay Richardson for The Columbian daily newspaper. “Please don’t call Marci Koski a “cat whisperer.” She says she doesn’t have any special talents that any cat owner cannot learn. She simply passes them along. “I love seeing how the relationships between cats and their people can be improved, or even completely rescued,” she says. “My mission is to keep cats in homes and out of shelters. If I can do this by educating cat guardians about how to resolve their cat’s behavior issues … I’ve helped improve the lives of both the cats and the people they live with”. (11-2-2015)

Quoted In…

Can I Feed My Cat Tuna? for thedodo.com (LeeAnna Buis, 10/5/2021) What you should know about the fishy treat.  Read the full article here.

Why Does My Cat Snore?  for thedodo.com (LeeAnna’s response to Lauren Taylor, published 9/16/2021) Have you ever been enjoying a quiet evening only to hear a loud noise — and realize it’s coming from your cat? You might have wondered, “Is that sound snoring, and do cats snore?” Read the full article here.

Can Cats Fall In Love?  for thedodo.com (8/29/2021) While cats can definitely feel affection and love, they probably don’t fall in love the way that humans do — at least not in the romantic sense. Read the full article here.

Moving with your cat By Ramona D. Marek, MS Ed (6/9/20) Dr. Marci talks about how to prepare your cat for a move.  Read the full article here.

Masters of Meow: Feline Vocalizations by Ramona D. Marek. of Fear Free Happy Homes (3/16/20) Dr. Marci talks about classifying vocalizations and how many cats use.  Read the full article here.

Pet Behaviorists Explain Why Your Cat Loves to Sit on Your Laptop by Caroline Biggs of MarthaStewart.com (3/27/20) Dr. Marci talks about a cat’s thermoneutral zone.  Read the full article here.

Why My Cats Started Fighting: How to Get Cats to Like Each Other Again by Chris Boicelli for Preventive Vet (3/19/20). Dr. Marci talks about how some cats may have had an experiece that led to a misunderstanding.  Read the full article here.

Do Cats Need to Wear Clothes in Cold Weather? for PetCoach.co (9-21-2019) Dr. Marci Koski explains why it could be dangerous to dress your cat in a sweater. She also shares how to know when it could be helpful, and tips and tricks to help make your cat’s sweater-wearing experience as successful as possible. Read the full article here.

How Much Does a Cat Cost? by Dani Walpole for Reader’s Digest (7-24-2019) Dr. Marci weighs in on the cost of getting your cat chipped in an article encouraging readers to consider all the necessary costs of pet ownership. Read the full article here.

How to Keep Cats Off Counters, by Angie Bailey for Catster.com (7-15-2019) Are there any tried and true solutions for keeping your cat off your kitchen counters? Dr. Marci shares advice to help pet parents take steps to curb this unwanted behavior. Read the full article here.

Playtime: Stress Relief for Your Cat and Yourself by Ingrid King for FearFreeHappyHomes.com (7-15-2019) Humans and animals are naturally inclined to engage in play, but what can happen when play is neglected? Behavior problems and poor health. Dr. Marci describes the important benefits we experience when we make time for play with our pets.  Read the full article here.

Animals and Inmates: Symbiosis and Redemption by Utne Reader (6-2019) Dr. Marci works with inmates in Southwest Washington in a program that helps provide socialization and training for feral and relinquished shelter cats. The lives of the inmates and the cats are radically changed by working together.

Why is My Cat Hissing at Me? by Modi Ramos for ColeAndMarmalade.com (4-26-2019) When cat parents experience sudden changes in their pet’s behavior, especially something as distressing as hissing, it’s time to take a look at what’s going on in the environment. Dr. Marci Koski spells out the possible causes, and how to assess your situation. Read the full article here.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me? by Aymen Nizam for TheQuill.com (4-12-2019) Dr. Marci illuminates some of the various reasons – besides affection – that cats lick things, people, and each other. Read the full article here.

Why Does My Cat Insist on Watching Me Pee? by Claire Lampen for TheCut.com (3-15-2019) Dr. Marci helps shed some light on a long-held conspiracy theory humans have about cats, explaining that “Most cats are quite intrigued by water.” Read the full article here.

How to Help Your Cat Use the Litter Box, by Allison Hunter for LincolnPetCulture.com (2-13-2019) Dr. Marci discusses reasons why your cat’s litter box set up may be causing them stress and offers a checklist that she uses with clients to help create an irresistible litter box. Read the full article here.

The 6 Best Cat Trees for Small Apartments, by Rachel Cavanaugh for Bustle.com (2-10-2019) Dr. Marci and Dr. Valli Parthasarathy share the considerations cat caregivers should keep in mind when selecting a cat tree, and how to get your cats to fall in love with it. Read the full article here.

Four Cat Advice Groups, by Allison Hunter for LincolnPetCulture.com (1-14-2019) The Feline Behaviour Solutions group on Facebook is highlighted as one of four top discussion groups where cat guardians can learn how to better meet their pet’s needs in order to encourage better behavior. Read the full article here.

How to Pick Interactive Toys That Your Kitty Will Love by Kathy Blumenstock for PetMD.com (12-13-2018) Dr. Marci was interviewed for this article about cat toys. She shared her insight on choosing toys to correspond with different styles of cat play through the ages. Read the full article here.

Does Your Cat Actually Hate You?, by Daniel Kolitz for Gizmodo.com (9-3-2018).  Dr. Koski was included in a group of experts to answer questions about whether or not cats really do hate some people in Gizmodo’s “Ask Giz” feature. “Because of their prey/predator nature, [cats] have a range of behaviors that allows them to stay safe from predators while enabling them to catch prey and survive… Because of their nature, these actions can be misinterpreted as dislike—and even hate—to uninformed humans..”  Read the full article here.

Keep Your Cat Cool in the Dog Days of Summer with a Few Easy Tricks, by Ramona Marek for GoodNewsForPets.com (7-26-2018).  Dr. Koski was quoted throughout this article about keeping cats cool during hot summer months. “Know the warning signs of heatstroke. Dr. Koski warns, ‘If you see your cat panting, drooling, vomiting, being excessively lethargic, has a fever, rapid pulse or collapses, get to your vet right away. Heatstroke is no joke—it can cause permanent organ damage or death.’”  Read the full article here.

For Former Larch Resident, A New Start – And A New Cat by Jacob Nierenberg for The Columbian (6-29-2018) Dr. Marci Koski is part of the Larch Pet Training Camp, a program that brings cats with behavior issues to live with prison inmates.  The inmates, or “handlers”, socialize and work with the cats until they are ready to return to the Humane Society for Southwest Washington to be adopted.  Marci makes monthly trips to the prison to teach the handlers about cat behavior and answer questions about the cats they are working with. “It’s not just a second chance for the cats,” Koski said. “It’s a huge benefit for the people here who are handling and working with the cats. I think that really helps set them up for success once they leave Larch.”  Read the whole story here.

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails?, by Daniel Kolitz for Gizmodo.com (5-7-2018).  Dr. Koski was included in a group of experts to answer questions about why cats wag their tails in Gizmodo’s “Ask Giz” feature. “Cats are great communicators if you know how to speak their language. A cat’s tail position can act as a barometer for her mood: Generally speaking, the higher up a cat’s tail is, the more confident and outgoing she is. When a cat’s tail sinks lower towards the ground, she may be feeling less sure of her circumstances, or even afraid. But context is important because there are exceptions to these general guidelines.”  Read the full article here.

How to Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up in the Morning, by Colin Rigley for PreventiveVet.com (4-13-2018).  Dr. Koski was interviewed for this article about how to train your cat to stop demanding food from you early in the morning. “According to certified Feline Behavior and Training Professional Dr. Marci Koski of Feline Behavior Solutions, ‘Cats are excellent trainers — they know how to get your attention and then once you do the thing that they want you to do, they’re like, Yes!’”  Read the full article here.

Nothing Like a Good Scratch, Though You Might Disagree, by Bernadette E. Kazmarski for TheCreativeCat.net (3-25-2018).  Dr. Koski was consulted for this article about why and where cats scratch, and how we can stop inappropriate scratching. “It’s thought that cats tend to mark objects that are found along common pathways that are traveled within their territory so that scent and visual marks can communicate information to others traveling those same pathways,” Dr. Koski explained. “I know of at least one study that found that cats chose to scratch along common pathways more than around the perimeter of their territory, so from this it appears that scratching is not really intended to map out territories, but communicate within them,” she continued.  Read the full article here.

What Cats Do When They’re Out at Night, by Dr. Jason Nicholas for PreventiveVet.com (3-21-2018).  Dr. Koski was interviewed for this article about night-time activities of cats and talked about territories. “studies have shown that cats’ home ranges and territories are shrinking as the environment gets more crowded with cats — in other words, more cats in closer proximity equals more encounters and more fights as they compete over resources.”  Read the full article here.

14 Cat Experts Reveal: How To Get A Cat To Like Me, expert roundup published on TheCatSite.com (2-8-2018) “If you adopt – or even just meet – a more discerning feline, you may be wondering: How to get a cat to like me?  We asked 14 experts that very question. In this expert round-up, they weighed in with proven ways to earn Kitty’s trust and love.”…

Why Does My Cat Lick Me? by John Kilpatrick for PetMD.com (October 2017).  Dr. Koski was interviewed for this article about what it means your cat licks you. “There are many reasons why cats like to lick their owners, but it’s generally thought of as a positive behavior. ‘I usually take my cats’ licking as a compliment,’ Koski says.”  Read the full article here.

Cat Hissing: 7 Things That Might Be to Blame, by Maura McAndrew for PetMD.com (August 2017).  Dr. Koski was interviewed for this article about what it means when a cat hisses. “…while hissing is not an aggressive behavior per se, Koski notes that, “If your cat is hissing a lot, something is not right in your kitty’s world.” To help you get to the bottom of this behavior, we’ve compiled a list of possible causes behind the cat hiss.”  Read the full article here.

How to Get a Cat to Like You: 6 Easy Tips, by Maura McAndrew for Chewy.com (5-4-2017).  Dr. Koski was interviewed extensively for this article about how to win the trust of a cat. “When I meet a new cat, the first thing I’ll do is crouch down and greet the cat on her level,” she says. “Making yourself smaller is less intimidating.” Koski also says it’s important to check your body language. “Direct eye contact can be considered intimidating or even aggressive,” she says. “Even body language that is directly focused on the cat may appear to be somewhat confrontational.”  Read the full interview here.

7 Places Your Cat is Probably Hiding, by John Kilpatrick for Chewy.com (11-2016) Dr. Koski was quoted numerous times in this article about hiding behavior in cats. “Hiding behavior in cats is usually normal and mostly harmless, says Marci Koski, a certified feline behaviorist. “Cats are both predators and prey in the wild,” she says. “They are instinctively driven to hide when they are hunting prey and avoiding being prey for other predators.”…

16 Experts Reveal the Most Common Litterbox Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them), expert roundup by Anne Moss published on TheCatSite.com (11-14-2016) “Litterbox problems and litterbox avoidance are common complaints in our cat behavior forum, so we went to see what the experts think about this topic. We asked 16 leading cat experts what they thought were the common mistakes owners make when it comes to the litter box and what solutions they offer. We’re proud to bring you this collection of useful tips, based on thousands of cases these experts have dealt with over the years.”…

16 Top Cat Experts Share Tips for Dealing with Timid Cats, expert roundup by Anne Moss published on TheCatSite.com (9-6-2016) “Can you offer your one best tip for helping scaredy cats feel more comfortable and less afraid? These 16 leading cat experts agree it’s a slow process that takes time and patience on the owner’s part. Here are their tried-and-tested tips and advice, along with some touching and encouraging stories of shy cats that they worked with.”…

Cat Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litter Box Mystery by Dusty Rainbolt (2016) Stupid Gravity Press, Lewisville, TX, 204 pp.  Quoted in Chapter 9 – Hurry up in there!  Potty Issues in the multipet home, p. 77.

Kittens 101 2017 Annual Magazine by Petcha (Volume 20). Quoted in the article “Litter Box Basics” by Dusty Rainbolt, p. 19.

Stressed-Out Pets: Natural Ways to Calm Fear and Anxiety, for Natural Awakenings by Sandra Murphy (5-18-2016) “Cats need exercise that mimics hunting; cats stare and plan, stalk or chase, pounce and grab,” says Dr. Marci Koski, certified by the Animal Behavior Institute and owner of Feline Behavior Solutions, in Vancouver, Washington. “An indoor cat’s prey drive can be met with interactive toys.” A place to climb or hide and a window with a view will help as will periodic playtime catching moving toys; with nothing to catch, a laser pointer’s red dots are frustrating for a cat and a potential danger to its eyes…