Products that we regularly recommend to our clients or have used with our own pets

Cat-Friendly Home Items

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Door Buddy Latch and Stopper

This product is amazing – SO SIMPLE and works great! The strap latch keeps the door from opening too much, which will allow cats in but keep larger dogs and babies out. The stopper keeps the door from closing all the way, keeping finger safe and stopping cats from getting locked in a room. This enables you to give cats access to a room where their litterboxes and food are out of reach from dogs and kids, or as a safe space where they can just peacefully enjoy being alone.

Automatic Night Lights – 2 Pack (Energizer)

I use these in my home around litterboxes. Just because cats are better at seeing in the dark than we are, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need some light! These just plug in and turn on automatically when light levels get dark.

Tall Baby Gate with Walk-Through (Regalo)

If you need to separate cats in your home, I recommend this gate – it’s tall, and has expanders on the side so that it can fit a door/hallway that is up to 36.5″ wide. It also has an inner gate that makes it easy to walk through without taking the whole thing down.

Baby Gate with Walk-Through (Regalo)

Since many cats are able to jump over the tall baby gate (see Tall Baby Gate product), I recommend stacking this shorter baby gate on top of the tall baby gate. If you turn it upside down, you can line up the walk-through doors so that you can open them at the same time and step through them without having to remove the top (or both gates).