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Cat Toys

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Da Bird Wand Toy with Feather Attachment

This is my MUST HAVE cat toy! 3′ long wand 3′ long string clip to change out lures = happy kitties!

Natural Feather Lure Refills (6 pcs) for Da Bird (Highland Farms)

These are fantastic feather refills for Da Bird – they are large and spin very well, and come at a great price for cats who go through feather lures quickly! 6 in each pack.

Feather Toy Refill Lures (7 pcs) (Pet Fit for Life)

This is another feather toy refill pack that works great with Da Bird – it has four feather tufts, one mouse, a longer feather toy, and a fuzzy worm. It’s a great price for so many lures!

Da Purr-Peller Refill for Da Bird (Go Cat)

This feather attachment spins like a helicopter and is a fun change from the standard twirling feather attachments. It’s a bit more fragile, but it’s a LOT of fun for kitties to chase!

Cat Catcher Refill Mouse for Da Bird (Go Cat)

This is a sturdy little fella that resembles a real mouse and is sure to trigger your cat’s predatory instincts! It holds up well to abuse and fits perfectly on Da Bird wands.

Da Rat 3-Pack Refill for Da Bird (Go Cat)

The Da Rat is larger than Da Mouse and also works great with the Da Bird wand toy. This lure is made with deer hide, which cats LOVE!!! This is a three-pack, which will last you a long time because they are so sturdy.

Kararantula Insect Lure (Neko Flies)

Neko flies makes some good lures for cats! I recommend cutting the string off of this lure and then using the metal loop to attach it to the Da Bird wand toy.

Fuzzy Worm Lures (5-Pack) (Pet Fit for Life)

These seem to be very popular with the kitties these days! Excellent bang for your buck, as they simulate small snakes or lizards.

Cat Dancer 101 Wire Toy

The Cat Dancer is a classic toy that dangles five little paper rolls on a 30″ wire, simulating the movements of a flying insect. Most cats have fun batting at it since it moves somewhat randomly and unpredictably.

Cat Charmer Rainbow Wand

If your kitty likes snakey toys, this is for you! Also good for cats who may be intimidated by more quickly-moving wand toys. Can also help cats with getting used to being touched using the soft fleece end.

Engazer USB Rechargeable Laser Pet Toy (ModMong)

NOT an Amazon link – will take you to ModMong’s website. Comes in white and purple; the best laser pointer out there for kitties! If your cat loves laser pointers, start a play session with it, then move on to a physical toy so your cat can complete the prey sequence.

Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy

These are tiny little robot bugs that move around somewhat randomly. I put them in a box with paper so they can “hide”, making a fun game for my cats! Comes in assorted colors.