Products that we regularly recommend to our clients or have used with our own pets

Clicker Training

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Clicker Training for Clever Cats (Martina Braun)

This is my go-to book for clicker-training; it has lots of photos that aid in the process, and has an entire section on behavior modification.

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats (Karen Pryor)

Karen Pryor is the clicker-training guru, and this is an excellent resource. No photos, but excellent information.

Pet Training Clicker with Wrist Strap (2-Pack)

These are simple clickers, a bit quieter than the classic “box” style clickers (good for not startling cats with the sound). Also comes with wrist straps which are very helpful!

Kittles Cat Treats 3-Pack (Wellness)

These are the cat treats I use for clicker-training my cats. They are small and are under 2 calories each!

Churu Lickable Puree Cat Treats 3-Pack (12 Tubes) (Inaba)

These are awesome cat treats which can also be used during clicker-training; just a lick will do! These are also great for giving medications or an any-time treat. This link is for 3 packages of 4 meat-tubes each (12 altogether).

Clik Stik Clicker with Telescoping Target

Karen Pryor’s “Clik Stik” has a telescoping target on it which means there’s less juggling with clicker and treats and a target if you’re using one. Very convenient.