Products that we regularly recommend to our clients or have used with our own pets

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Hide and Sneak Cat Tunnel (Dezi & Roo)

My cats love these, and they are so durable! They retain scent and are great for both lounging and playing.

KittiKrack Silvervine Powder (Twin Critters)

If your cat doesn’t react to catnip (or even if she does), give silvervine a try! Sprinkle this on toys (just a tiny pinch will do – a little goes a long way) and watch your cat go wild.

Vesper Cat Furniture Line

Check out this line of cat trees, scratchers, cubbies, and perches from Catit! The Vesper line is sleek and stylish, with removable pads for easy washing. I have a Vesper cat tree and my cats LOVE it!

Catit Senses 2.0 Corner Groomer

These can be mounted to corners of walls or on furniture so that your kitty can rub on them as she passes by. It’s a good way to let her leave her scent behind in her territory, and collect shedding fur. The comb can be removed for cleaning.

Catnip Spray Rejuvenator (From the Field)

Catnip spray is an easy and mess-free way to freshen up old toys, and can help with encouraging play for stress-relief. Plus, this From the Field brand’s catnip is grown in Washington state!

Kitty Kot (Large)

Even though this is built for one cat, I have two large cats that have cuddled up together on this without a problem. And this platform won’t fall off the window – mine has held up without falling for about two years! Consider putting a fleece mat on top of the mesh platform for extra comfort.

Heated Thermo-Kitty Pet Bed

This is my cats’ favorite heated bed! They have the large oval design. It is SO soft, although I put a blanket over it for extra snuggles. When plugged in, it slightly warms until a cat gets on it, and then it warms further (but not too hot). Additionally, you can take the heating pad out of the bed to wash it.