Services for Professional Organizations

Could Your Organization Benefit From Working With Us?

Services for Professional Organizations

Could Your Organization Benefit From Working With Us?

Feline Behavior Solutions works with veterinary clinics, shelters and rescues, groomers, kennels and other organizations who care for and interact with cats.

There are many reasons to increase your organization’s understanding of feline behavior. Here are just a few:

  • Help cat parents get the support they need.
  • Expand your services to include foundational management of common behavior issues like soiling, introductions and aggression.
  • Learn how to translate body language into something you can act on.
  • Help you manage the physical and emotional well-being of cats in your care.
  • Minimize negative experiences for your cats and your staff.
  • Create a safer environment for your staff.
  • Keep cats in homes and out of shelters.

A cat guardian’s first call when their cat has behavior issues is usually to their veterinarian or local rescue. In fact, most people don’t even know feline training and behavior experts exist. You’re their first, and often only, line of defense when behavior issues arise.

Your staff is also at risk of physical and emotional injury if they work with extremely fearful and/or aggressive cats.

Feline Behavior Understanding That Will Enhance Your Organization

Working with Feline Behavior Solutions, whether it’s a single staff training session, educational series for staff and clients, or an ongoing consulting relationship, can improve the quality of care you can provide and make your organization even more valuable to your clients.

Maybe you’re interested in:

  • A general understanding of cat behavior.
  • Learning how to read and react to body language.
  • Fundamentals of low-stress handling.
  • Creating an environment that supports calm, relaxed feline interactions.
  • Learning how to work with highly aggressive or fearful cats in your facility.
  • How you can help cat parents to prep for visits.
  • How to address common behavior issues such as:
  • ^Stress, fear and aggression at home, at the vet clinic, and beyond
  • ^Carrier desensitization and car rides
  • ^House soiling and spraying
  • ^Difficult cat-to-cat and cat-to-dog introductions
  • ^Unwanted behaviors like excessive vocalizing, counter-surfing, and scratching furniture
  • ^Challenges with cats and babies or children

What Services Can Feline Behavior Provide to Your Organization?

Dr. Marci Koski and LeeAnna Buis are certified feline training and behavior experts. Proudly Fear-Free certified, we use only positive reinforcement behavior modification methods. We’re passionate about helping people resolve behavior issues, understand why cats do what they do, and appreciate them for the amazing creatures they are.

We offer:

  • Live or virtual group educational seminars for staff: a single session, multi-session series, or sessions as-needed.
  • Live or virtual group educational seminars you can offer to your clients.
  • On-demand sessions/webinars for clients with specific issues.
  • Consulting with your team on specific cases.
  • Consulting with your team on internal operations and protocols around feline care.
  • Customized educational materials you can share with clients.
  • And more, depending on your specific needs – we’re happy to develop custom packages.

Please send us a message if you’re interested in learning more. We’d love to work with you!