Is your cat's behavior bringing you down?

Don't give up - we're here to help!

Our Full-Service Consultation is designed to tackle big behavior issues, help improve relationships, and allow your cat’s best self to shine. It’s only through understanding why our feline companions do what they do, and need what they need, that we can fully appreciate them and find ways to adjust unwanted behaviors in a way that meets everyone’s needs. The goal is to create an environment where everyone is happier!

Full-Service Consultations are Perfect for:


eliminating outside of the litter box and/or spraying

Inter-cat relationships

aggression between cats and cat introductions

Socialization or fearful behavior

avoidance of people or fear-related aggression towards people

Inter-pet relationships

issues between cats and other pets in the home

Multiple issues

a combination of issues can arise from one or more causes and may be addressed together

Your Full-Service Consultation Includes:

Detailed Intake Questionnaire

We’ll ask you to give us an in-depth preview of your cat’s background, behavior, lifestyle, and environment so we can get a full picture of the situation before our first meeting.  This saves a ton of time when we're together so that we can work on developing solutions.

Up to Three Meetings

We'll have up to three meetings: an initial meeting (over Zoom or in-home) to identify the priority action items, a second meeting (over Zoom) 2-3 weeks later to make sure the plan is moving smoothly, and a third meeting (over Zoom) 3-4 weeks later (if necessary) to iron out any wrinkles.  Meetings are scheduled based on your needs.

Customized Behavior Action Plan

Shortly after our first meeting you’ll receive a concise customized behavior action plan that guides you through the most important steps towards resolving unwanted behaviors.  You'll also get handouts to provide you with more information and details.

Tons of Resources

You’ll have everything you need to teach and maintain the behaviors you want from your cat, enrich her life, and strengthen your relationship with how-to guides, videos, informational articles, suggested products, and other recommendations.

Email Support

For the duration of your consultation period (which typically lasts between 6 and 8 weeks, depending on the rate of progress), you'll have email access to us when you need it.  Run into any stumbling blocks, challenges, or questions?  Let us know so that we can help you!

We're on Your Team

We are happy to be part of your cat care team, and this means working with your veterinarian upon request.  We aren't medical professionals but we love working with veterinarians to make sure our clients are being cared for on all levels.

Our Behavior Consultants

Koski Abbey Silver Paw Studio-4428

Your cat is not "just another cat" to me.

Dr. Marci Koski

If your cat has behavior issues that are causing stress, frustration, or resentment, I can help I’m Dr. Marci Koski, and I'm passionate about helping cats and their people live happy lives together. I can teach you how to give your cat appropriate outlets for her natural behaviors and stop unwanted ones. Or, if you want to give your cat the best life possible, I can show you how to meet your cat's needs and prevent problem behaviors from starting. I work with cat guardians all over the world and can help improve the quality of life for both you and your kitty!

Get to know me better.
Dr. Marci Koski
LeeAnna Buis, CFTBS

Allow me to introduce you to your cat.

LeeAnna Buis, CFTBS

Every cat deserves a good life. And every cat lover deserves a best feline friend. I strive to keep human and feline families together and build better relationships between them. I work with your cat’s instinctual needs, not against them, to adjust and correct unwanted behaviors. Using thoughtful enrichment, straightforward training techniques, and simple methods to provide for their basic needs, you can not only live a better life with your cat but also discover what unique, fascinating, complex creatures they are.

Learn more about me.

Worried About Time?

We understand that cats and people move at different paces, and you may need more time to either resolve a particular issue or feel comfortable moving forward on your own.  Don’t worry!  You can extend your consultation at any time for only $100 per 30-day extension.  The extension includes another Zoom meeting and 30 additional days of email support, so relax and work at a pace that both you and your cat are comfortable with! 


The Investment is Worth It!

Packages start at $375

Having a better relationship with your cat is priceless.  You've already spent time and energy trying to fix a problem yourself, but it's time to resolve the issue once and for all.  Take the first step towards really understanding and adjusting your cat’s behavior - we’re here to help!

You’ll learn so much by working with us during your consultation, even if you've an experienced cat guardian.  For your investment, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your cat and a renewed outlook on the relationship you have with your feline family member.

What Others Are Saying

Snowy et al

"She came to our house and was able to assess and offer many solution approaches which has fixed ALL of the issues!!! The solutions were not expensive or very time/labor intensive either. Simple solutions! She is amazing at what she does!"

— Bernadette Silva

Camp Kitties

"Marci is a personable and patient cat behaviorist who truly helped me find ways to resolve the behavioral problems with my kitties. She was continually supportive and gave me an infinite amount of resources and guidance weekly, which I could not have done it on my own."

— Jennifer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Consult Cost?

Full-Consult Package - Virtual

$ 375 Virtual
  • Available World-Wide as long as you have an Internet connection and speak English
  • Up to three Zoom meetings with your consultant
  • Customized behavior action plan with resources
  • Email support for the duration of your consultation period (through your third meeting)

Full-Consult Package - In Home

$ 450 In Home
  • Available in Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon*
  • One in-home meeting and up to two Zoom meetings with Dr. Marci
  • Customized behavior action plan with resources
  • Email support for the duration of your consultation period (through your third meeting)

* Consultations outside of a 20-mile (or 30-minute) travel radius from FBS headquarters (located in Vancouver, WA) will incur a nominal travel fee.