Guardian: Carol Cavanaugh

After several vet visits, clearing up a bladder infection, and still having litter box issues, I decided it was time to look at a behaviorist. A friend had seen an article about Feline Behavior Solutions in The Columbian, and I decided to contact Marci. I set up an appointment with Marci, filled out her detailed questionnaire, and she came to my house to meet Scooter.

After discussing Scooter’s history and current issues, Marci developed a behavior plan based on what she observed. I immediately put her suggestions into action, and within 30 days Scooter’s litterbox habits had returned to normal.

Marci is a pro, and you can see her passion for her work. Her demeanor and sense of calmness was evident immediately when she stepped into my home, and Marci’s ability to coax a shy cat into interacting with her on a first visit was truly amazing! Her behavior plan was thorough and easy to follow, which definitely generated success in Scooter’s rehabilitation. Don’t hesitate to contact Feline Behavior Solutions if you are experiencing behavioral issues with your favorite feline–there won’t be any regrets with the service this great lady provides!